If you wish to join our AGM 2018 please,
get in touch through the contact form at this website and we will get back to you with all necessary information.
The discount for an earlier payment is valid until December, 31st, 2017.
Book now!

Accommodation (including breakfast):

* Niepolomice Castle Hotel 3,5* (at the venue) - 40,00 Eur/bed/night (Double or triple rooms, limited number – provided by our Club.
You may choose a bed of Polish king: Casimir III the Great - Louis I the Great of Hungary - Ladislaus II Jogaila - Ladislaus III of Varna - Casimir IV (Jagiellon) - John I Albert (Jagiellon) - Alexander I (Jagiellon) - Sigismund I the Old - Sigismund II Augustus - Henry I (de Valois) - Anna (Jagiellon) - Stephen I (Báthory) - Ladislaus IV (Vasa) - John II Casimir (Vasa) - Michael I (Wiśniowiecki) - John III (Sobieski) - Augustus II the Strong - Stanislaus I (Leszczyński, Duke of Lorraine and a count of the Holy Roman Empire) - Augustus III of Poland - Stanislaus II Augustus (Poniatowski); or Polish queen: Bona Sforza - Barbara Radziwiłł. Meeting with the ghost of the queen or king - free of charge.)

* Niepolomice Hotel 3* (650 meters of the AGM venue) - 40 Eur/single room/night (for individual booking).




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