If you wish to join our AGM 2018 please,
get in touch through the contact form at this website or  contact our IRO - -
and we will get back to you with all necessary information.
Registration fee 239 €.
Book now!

Accommodation (including breakfast):

* Niepolomice Castle Hotel 3,5* (at the venue) - 40,00 Eur/bed/night (Double or triple rooms, limited number – provided by our Club.
You may choose a bed of Polish king: Casimir III the Great - Louis I the Great of Hungary - Ladislaus II Jogaila - Ladislaus III of Varna - Casimir IV (Jagiellon) - John I Albert (Jagiellon) - Alexander I (Jagiellon) - Sigismund I the Old - Sigismund II Augustus - Henry I (de Valois) - Anna (Jagiellon) - Stephen I (Báthory) - Ladislaus IV (Vasa) - John II Casimir (Vasa) - Michael I (Wiśniowiecki) - John III (Sobieski) - Augustus II the Strong - Stanislaus I (Leszczyński, Duke of Lorraine and a count of the Holy Roman Empire) - Augustus III of Poland - Stanislaus II Augustus (Poniatowski); or Polish queen: Bona Sforza - Barbara Radziwiłł. Meeting with the ghost of the queen or king - free of charge.)

* Niepolomice Hotel 3* (650 meters of the AGM venue) - 40 Eur/single room/night (for individual booking).





May the hinges of friendship never rust!

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